US ELLE November 2019 Women in Hollywood

Nina Garcia continues to demonstrate her pull within the industry by scoring just about every big celebrity to front ELLE. This year alone, Garcia has dropped covers featuring heavyweights Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, Indya Moore and Angelina Jolie. Keeping up with tradition, Garcia serves up the magazine’s annual “Women in Hollywood” issue for November 2019 […]

Rihanna Releases a Visual Autobiography

Bianca RodriguezOctober 8th, 2019 Image: Courtesy of Phaidon While we’re still waiting on new music from our favorite multihyphenate, Rihanna is about to drop the next best thing. The talented star is releasing a visual autobiography. The aptly named Rihanna is a hefty 504-page book featuring a staggering 1,050 images. The Phaidon-published piece spans Rihanna’s […]

The Breitling Navitimer Will Help You Fly a Plane

Prior to the introduction of flight computers, pilots relied solely upon analog instruments to ensure their safety. A smooth and successful flight depended upon the accuracy of dash-mounted altimeters and compasses, among other devices—including timepieces. This non-negotiable demand for precision gave life to the market for pilot’s watches, which Breitling has played a notable role […]

11 Cheap Fall Clothing Trends at Amazon, Nordstrom, and H&M

I mean, really, can it get any better? Whether you live for H&M’s affordable prices, love Nordstrom’s extensive selection and dependability, or, like all of us, simply enjoy the ease of ordering anything on Amazon, today’s roundup will inevitably strike a chord—or several. Believe it or not, this story practically wrote itself because once I […]