The Breitling Navitimer Will Help You Fly a Plane

Prior to the introduction of flight computers, pilots relied solely upon analog instruments to ensure their safety. A smooth and successful flight depended upon the accuracy of dash-mounted altimeters and compasses, among other devices—including timepieces. This non-negotiable demand for precision gave life to the market for pilot’s watches, which Breitling has played a notable role […]

Jamie Foxx: Still Got It

Perhaps you haven’t heard from Jamie Foxx for a little while. That’s fair! He popped up in last year’s Robin Hood, and Baby Driver before that. But Foxx is gearing up for a big stretch: his film Just Mercy, out on Christmas Day, should be an awards-season contender. And let the record reflect that, even […]

Justin Theroux Just Aced His Bond Villain Audition

The fashion press would have you believe that globetrotting actor Justin Theroux spent his Tuesday in Paris, taking in Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2020 womenswear show. But closer inspection of photographic evidence—namely, these images of Theroux in an absolutely phenomenal and dastardly black Vuitton coat, complete with a collar that stands taller than most six-year-olds—suggests that […]

Barneys Addresses Struggles With Irreverent New Window Campaign: “NOT CLOSED”

Barneys New York, the iconic department store that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in August, has finally released a statement on its financial struggles, and has done it as only Barneys could: with a cheeky new window campaign, “Dear Shopper.” It features mantras “inspired by sensational headlines,” per a press release, such as “BARNEYS TIL […]