Justin Theroux Just Aced His Bond Villain Audition

The fashion press would have you believe that globetrotting actor Justin Theroux spent his Tuesday in Paris, taking in Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2020 womenswear show. But closer inspection of photographic evidence—namely, these images of Theroux in an absolutely phenomenal and dastardly black Vuitton coat, complete with a collar that stands taller than most six-year-olds—suggests that he was doing something different: auditioning to play a Bond villain, maybe, or shorting the currency of a small nation. Or, perhaps, just luxuriating in the official arrival of coat season.

Of course, we know that Theroux was, in fact, attending a fashion show. But it’s worth noting that, in the process, he delivered an absolute clinic in fall dressing. Buy a killer coat. Buy a killer turtleneck. Do ’em both in black, and wear them at the same time. Try out a pair of glasses ten degrees left of center from what you’re used to. And then—and this is important—cultivate an air of mystery. The big fits will follow.

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