Does Warren Buffett Shop at the Omaha Hot Topic?

Over the weekend, Snoop Dogg, who uses Instagram to share his notably refined and deep taste in memes, posted a photo of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates at a 2008 exhibition Olympic basketball game in Las Vegas, Nevada, headlined with an important message: “$162 billion combined and not a Gucci belt in sight.” Snoop captioned the photo with four emojis— three money bags and one of the guy with his arms thrown up in resignation. Can’t argue with that! Rich men don’t waste their money on fancy fashion. “Moral of the Story,” wrote one commenter, “Be Rich dress Poor.”

Another photo of Buffett with gates in the infamous Gatorade-hued blouson.Getty Images

It was a curious message from Snoop, whose style is an iconic melange of pumped-up rich guy style touchstones, like silk bathrobes, fedoras, fur coats, and three-piece suits. The idea that rich people don’t put their money toward their wardrobe has become ever more pervasive since Silicon Valley began its economic and cultural domination of the United States. Is the rapper signaling the beginning of a new age of fashion austerity? A deeper dive suggests that there’s more to the story.

Because, while Gates wears his typical Windows screensaver-inspired knit polo, Buffett is in something more typical of the Jimmy who shares his last name: a canary yellow camp shirt, covered in perching tropical birds. In fact, while Buffett is a notorious penny pincher—in 2013, he made $37 million a day, yet he still lives in the same modest Omaha, Nebraska house he bought in 1958—he seems to have a…collection of novelty shirts.

Another Sun Valley getup: a very wild guitar-print shirt with a subtle palm tree background.Getty Images

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