Reviewed: Tata Harper Very Flashy Highlighter

The rating: 4.5/5

The review: Okay. So. I have so many things to say about this highlighter that I don’t even know where to start. But let’s start here: I’m impressed. I know some people are avidly against highlighters and think they look too obvious and unnatural, but I, for one, am very pro-highlighter. It’s by far my most-loved product category, and my makeup feels incomplete most days without at least one (and I’ve been known to layer up to three) highlighters on my face. That said, since I’ve tried virtually every formula under the sun, I have high standards. This one exceeded them. 

Typically, I’m more of a powder highlighter kind of person, but there are a select few cream formulas I keep in my arsenal. Unless I’m going for a barely-there makeup look, I really like to layer a cream formula underneath a powder. (Like Natalia does—see below.) Not only does this create more impact, but it also promises more durability. However, the creamy and subtle golden sheen of this pot was just so damn pretty, I didn’t feel the need to add anything else on top of it. Again, I’m impressed.

I also love that I can truly feel how hydrating this formula is, but unlike other cream (especially natural) highlighters I’ve tried, it doesn’t feel tacky, heavy, or pore-clogging on the skin. It’s really like swiping a glowing filter over your face, and to my surprise, it played well with the foundation, concealer, blush, and slight touch of powder I was already wearing. It definitely applies best to bare skin, but I love that I have the option to wear it on top of my other favorite formulas as well. 

Although I was initially skeptical when I found out the brand was only launching one shade (which isn’t the norm right now within the beauty industry), I found the golden color to be remarkably flattering and pretty on my skin. Even though the product looks a bit pink in the jar, that completely disappears upon application. Unlike most golden highlighters, this one is extremely wearable. Despite my love for all things that glitter, I’m not trying to look like a disco ball—unless it’s Friday night and I’m indeed trying to look like a disco ball—and this highlighter is the ultimate compromise. It’s flashy, but not too flashy. It essentially just melts into your skin to highlight your natural tone and glow, and shouldn’t that be the point of a highlighter anyway?

My one and only fault with this formula is that it does require some touch-ups, but honestly, that’s just par for the course with any kind of cream-based makeup product and I found it settled nicely (not streakily) into my skin as the day wore on. There’s also the issue of impact and finish. Personally, I found it perfect, but If you’re looking for the kind of in-you-face-shimmer Rihanna works on the red carpet, this probably won’t be your girl. That said, it does layer really well and really beautifully, so I recommend playing around with it and experimenting! I’ve been obsessed with wearing it in the inner corners of my eyes, under and over my brow bones, and on top of my cupid’s bow and cheekbones. I’ll also tap a little on my cheekbones after my SPF and before my foundation. A trick of the trade! Oh, and if you want to look seriously ethereal, apply some lotion or oil on your decolletage, and then blend some of this right around your breastbone and clavicles. You won’t be disappointed.

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