Alice McCall’s Open Letter to Her Mum on International Women’s Day

Dear Mum,

Today as the world celebrates International Women’s Day, I wanted to take the time to say thank you. As an amazing mother, a wonderful grandmother, a talented designer and a successful business woman—the ways in which you inspire me are endless.

My love of fashion first began as a little girl, sitting in your sewing room as you made clothes for my dolls. I would stare in awe as you laboriously crafted miniature pieces in the most beautiful prints.

From a young age, you taught me the importance of being individual and developing your own personal style. You helped me understand how fashion can be a fun and creative expression of yourself.

This advice had a significant impact on my life as it gave me the confidence to embrace my unique sense of style through my designs. Fifteen years after launching alice McCALL, it continues to shape the brand today.

You’re creative and free spirited, but it is your fierce independence, drive and determination that has shown me, with the right attitude and a little resilience, I can overcome any challenge.

Mum, thank you for giving me the strength and encouragement to fulfil my dreams. Words will never truly express just how grateful I am.

All my love,

Today, Who What Wear presents its expertly-curated female-only runway at VAMFF, including alice McCALL in its lineup. If you’re yet to make plans for this evening, grab your best girlfriends, secure your tickets, and we’ll see you tonight to celebrate some beautiful fashion.

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