11 Pairs of Patchwork Jeans That’ll Help You Look Like a Rich Hippie This Spring

For some, spring is an opportunity to flex every fashion muscle in the body. For others, it’s an invitation to wear the same jeans and a T-shirt combo every day. Patchwork jeans will appeal to both types of dresser—they’re a flex that puts a man in ‘90s Johnny Depp territory while simultaneously letting him off the style hook until Labor Day. The only challenge is actually acquiring a good pair which, unlike most denim styles, takes considerable effort. Generally, you have to dig for patchwork jeans on sites like Grailed, or steel oneself to spend a lot more on a new designer pair. We’ve rounded up some of those options below (beware the ridiculous allure of the $5,500 Guccis). If none fit the bill, remember: you can always sew your own.

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