The Most Expensive Oscars Jewellery of All Time

Sure, the dresses, award winners, and acceptance speeches are obviously crucial components of the Oscars telecast and what everyone will be talking about the next day—but what would the evening be without the carats upon carats of jaw-dropping jewels? It’s quite rare to see a celebrity on the red carpet who’s not dripping in diamonds (and sometimes emeralds, rubies, or sapphires). Each year following Oscars night, we look forward to hearing who held the honour of wearing the single most expensive piece of jewellery (last year’s winner was Lady Gaga and her massive $8 million diamond earrings). While it remains to be seen if the all-time record of $20 million (just wait to see it) will be topped this year, you can rest assured that the night will be filled with sparkling eye candy.

In anticipation of this year’s Oscars ceremony, we investigated seven of the most expensive pieces of Oscars jewellery of all time. Not only that, but to help you visualise just how much they cost, we compared them to exactly what you could buy for the same amount of money. (We’d personally rather have a French castle than a pair of earrings, but to each their own!)

Keep scrolling to find out exactly what you can buy instead of these baubles, ranging from $2.5 million to $20 million!

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