5 Things Not to Wear on Your Valentine’s Day Date

Admitting to be frazzled about your Valentine’s Day date is actually the first step towards feeling excited and confidant about the holiday ahead. Typically, however, a majority of this flustered feeling stems from the notion that you have absolutely no idea what to wear. While we might have all the answers on the latest trends and styling techniques, dating is a whole separate pool that we aren’t swimming in, which is why we humbly reached out to an expert on the matter. Nora Dekeyser, a Matchmaker at Three Day Rule, was kind enough to lend us her complete list of the items you should and shouldn’t wear on your upcoming Valentine’s Day date. 

Her advice is spot on, if you ask us, as each of her tips take both you and your date’s feelings into consideration. That way, the date overall is sure to be a win-win. And don’t worry, never once does she mention wearing pink and red from head-to-toe. This guideline is for those true fashion girls out there and we are excited for you to get your hands on it. 

Ahead, read the expert advice from matchmaker Nora Dekeyser on what you should and should not be wearing this Valentine’s Day.

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