These Are My No-Fail Summer Date Outfits

There’s something about summer that makes it the season for dating—long nights, warm weather, and a certain carefree attitude take over, and I come to enjoy the idea of dinner and drinks alfresco. While it’s easier to stay home quietly curled up the rest of the year, there’s no getting in bed when it’s still light out at 9 p.m. And while yes, the dates are plenty of fun, so is the idea of dressing up for them. I tend to keep things fairly simple while always keeping in mind what exactly the date entails.

Movie night, a round of mini golf, a simple meetup over coffee, or whatever else is on the agenda, I’ve got an easy outfit in my rotation. Below you’ll find seven simple combinations that you can easily pull together for when things are getting hot (both temperature-wise and well, you know). Now shake off any first date jitters, get out there, and enjoy yourself.

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