5 of the Prettiest 2019 Shoe Trends, Period

Sock boots, toe-ring sandals, chunky sneakers—shoe trends this year have proven that not all footwear fads are necessarily the most flattering on your feet. And though we proudly march around town in our dad sneakers, that doesn’t imply there’s no room remaining for some prettier pairs to add to the mix. After all, a great shoe is like a piece of art. Often it’s ambiguous, other times it’s thought-provoking, and sometimes it’s downright breathtaking.

We rounded up five of the prettiest most breathtaking shoe trends for 2019 that we simply can’t wait to wear. From a pair of heels that resemble a glass slipper (no ball gown required) to an artful pattern that will make getting from point A to point B way more fun, the 25 shoes below will get you on the right foot for the New Year.

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