25 Cool Airport Outfits When You’re Bored of Your Clothes

At the end of the day, dressing for the airport really boils down to a few key things. First, it’s about masterful layering. The climate on an aeroplane can range from hot and stuffy to freezing with a steady stream of icy air conditioning. You might also be leaving a cold, windy city only to arrive in a tropical locale, so adding plenty of removable layers is essential.

Finding the perfect airport look is also about striking the balance between comfort and style—an outfit that reads stylish but is cosy enough to sustain 12-hour-long flights. Stiff denim might look great in photos, but wearing it for a long flight is never the right move. With this in mind, what are the cool outfits to wear to the airport? In case you’re bored of everything you’ve been wearing, I’m breaking down looks that will inject some fresh inspiration into your travel wardrobe ahead. Scroll on to see 25 cool airport outfits that are fashion girl–approved.

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